Train the Trainer

The specialized Train the Trainer seminar is aimed at individuals who wish to pass on their knowledge and experience to future aircraft maintenance technicians or other members of the aviation industry. The contents of this seminar are very diverse and aim at forming qualified trainers who are able to provide high-quality training.

Topics covered include:

Fundamentals of Adult Learning
This part of the seminar covers the basic principles of adult learning. Understanding learning styles, learning methods, and motivational factors is critical to providing effective training in the aviation industry.

Pedagogy and Didactics
Students will learn various teaching methods and techniques to effectively manage the learning process. This includes planning lessons, creating instructional materials, using interactive tools, and designing learning objectives.

Communication and Presentation
Effective communication and presentation are essential to imparting knowledge in a clear and understandable manner. This area of the seminar focuses on developing communication skills, creating a positive learning environment, and overcoming challenges in presenting content.

Use of technology
Modern training in the aviation industry often relies on technology. Participants will learn how to effectively use technology such as multimedia presentations, simulators, and e-learning platforms to make training more engaging and interactive.

Evaluation and feedback
Monitoring learning progress is critical. This part of the seminar covers methods for evaluating learning outcomes and how to provide constructive feedback to support learners.

Safety and Compliance
Safety is of paramount importance in the aviation industry. Participants will learn how to effectively deliver safety-related content and ensure that training meets applicable regulations and standards.

Interactive exercises and role plays
Hands-on exercises and role plays provide participants with the opportunity to apply what they have learned and practice in real-life situations. This promotes practical understanding and application of the training content.

Overall, the seminar aims to empower professionals to deliver high-quality training that strengthens participants‘ competencies and skills.

Course fees

Train the Trainer
On request
  • 5 days á 6 hours
  • Training materials
  • Certificate of participation and certificate

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