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With our highly qualified and experienced staff, we support you in all aviation projects. In doing so, we rely on German quality standards and efficient procedures. Our strong focus on quality, expertise and customized solutions helps us to meet and exceed our customers‘ requirements and expectations.

Preparing companies for regulatory approval
  • Preparation of a continuing airworthiness management exposition (CAME) in accordance with (Part M Subpart G – M.A. 704) and obtaining approval from the German National Aviation Authority.
  • Training of personnel for the airworthiness review according to Part M Subpart G of the Regulation (EC) No. 1321/2014
  • Examination preparation and completion for the designated personnel as required by the German National Aviation Authority according to EASA Part M Subpart G – M.A.707
Aircraft withdrawal from lease with main contents
  • Summary (short description as management decision)
  • Detailed description of the condition of the most important aircraft subassemblies and aircraft systems, supported by visual material
  • Technical data, presentation of aircraft key figures
  • AD`s, SB`s, flight times etc.
  • Presentation of the viewed documents
Aircraft value appraisals
  • Determination of the current value of an aircraft
  • Damage assessment in case of incidents and accidents
Verification of maintenance measures (aircraft maintenance) through regular audits
  • Use of the correct tools, materials, equipment and maintenance methods in the course of annual inspections (such as C-checks) – carried out by authorized Part 145 maintenance organizations.
  • Use of qualified Part 66 trained maintenance personnel during contracted maintenance activities
Review and selection of maintenance organizations (worldwide)
  • Inspection of the maintenance organizations for functional processes as well as timely and correct execution of work in accordance with EASA Part 145 / EASA Part M
  • Review of flight operations on the basis of JAR OPS 1 Part-M in the event of irregularities
Base Maintenance Representativesaviation-solutions-group GmbH

Base Maintenance Representatives

In the field of base maintenance, we act as a reliable interface between the maintenance facility and the aircraft operator. Our experts have extensive specialist knowledge and deep industry expertise. They take on the important role of supervising and monitoring maintenance events to ensure that all aspects of aircraft maintenance run smoothly and efficiently.

All maintenance events are coordinated and monitored from start to finish to ensure that all work meets the highest safety and quality standards. Our experts specialize in identifying potential challenges at an early stage and proactively finding solutions to avoid disrupting operations. This ensures that all maintenance work is carried out smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Structural Repair Services

One focus of our services is the execution of repair measures on the structure and surfaces of aircraft. Our services here include the professional identification, analysis and repair of structural problems and surface damage on aircraft. Our experts use their expertise to precisely identify cracks, deformation, corrosion and other damage and develop effective repair measures.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and proven procedures to ensure precise, high-quality repairs. Our Sheet Metal Workers work closely with other professionals in the aerospace industry to ensure that all repairs meet strict safety and quality standards. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience and our ability to provide customized solutions for their specific requirements.

Structural Repair Services Sheet-Metal-Worker aviation-solutions-group GmbH
Paint Representatives aviation-solutions-group GmbH

Paint Representatives

Our experts act as a valuable interface between the paint store and the aircraft operator to ensure smooth and first-class aircraft painting. Our services here include the complete support and supervision of aircraft painting projects. From planning to implementation, we work closely with paint stores and aircraft operators to ensure that each paint job meets the highest standards.

We advise our clients on the selection of paints, colors and designs to optimize the visual appearance of the aircraft while ensuring long-lasting paint quality. We coordinate the entire process, monitor progress, verify compliance with quality standards and ensure on-time completion.