Motivation & Awareness

The Motivation & Awareness training not only provides employees with the knowledge of the importance of their tasks, but also raises awareness of their role in the aviation industry. Participants are motivated to actively participate in maintaining safety, efficiency and the highest quality and to perform their work with commitment and a sense of responsibility.

The content of the training includes the following aspects:

Safety culture and awareness
The training emphasizes the role of each employee in creating and maintaining a strong safety culture. Participants learn how their actions and decisions can impact the safety of the entire operation.

Sense of Responsibility
Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. This includes identifying potential risks, reporting safety concerns, and following procedures to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Roles and Responsibilities
Training clarifies the specific roles and responsibilities of each employee within the overall operation. This provides clarity on how each individual contributes to the smooth running of the operation.

Teamwork and communication
The importance of effective teamwork and communication is emphasized. Participants learn how to share information, discuss problems and work together to find solutions.

Positive work environment
The training emphasizes how a positive work environment affects employee motivation and engagement. Participants learn how they can help create a respectful and supportive work environment.

Error culture
The training teaches employees how to deal with mistakes, both their own and others‘. They learn to learn from mistakes and drive improvement rather than assign blame.

Customer focus
Training emphasizes the importance of a strong customer focus. Employees understand how their work impacts flight operations and the customer experience.

Motivation and performance
Training may cover techniques to increase individual motivation and performance. This includes self-motivation, goal setting, and the importance of feedback.

Overall, this training aims to foster a culture of engagement, accountability and safety. It helps employees better understand their role in the aviation industry and become actively engaged in the success of the company.

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Motivation & Awareness
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