Human Factors

The Human Factors training provides participants with insights into the psychological, social and organizational aspects that play a role in aviation and how these factors can influence safety, efficiency and reliability in aviation. The content of the training is diverse, ranging from basic concepts to practical applications.

Here are some of the key topics covered in the seminar:

Introduction to the definitions and concepts of human factors in aviation, including the interactions between people, technology and the environment.

Situation Awareness
Understanding the ability to be aware of the current situation and evolving events in the aircraft and environment. Training participants learn how to improve their situational awareness to make better decisions.

Errors and error management
Examine the types of errors that can occur in aviation and how to prevent or effectively manage them. Training participants learn how to manage errors to maximize safety and learning.

Communication and Teamwork
Emphasize the importance of effective communication and teamwork. Training participants learn how clear and concise communication can help avoid misunderstandings.

Stress management and workload
Identify sources of stress and coping strategies in a dynamic and often demanding environment. Training participants learn how to cope with high work pressure and maintain performance.

Decision making and problem solving
Understanding of the factors that influence human decision-making processes and methods for identifying and resolving problems. Training participants develop critical analysis and decision-making skills.

Work Environment and Ergonomics
Consideration of the physical and ergonomic aspects of the work environment to optimize job performance and work climate and minimize workplace accidents.

Safety culture
Promote a positive safety culture where open communication, reporting of safety concerns and continuous improvement are encouraged.

Human Factors training helps raise awareness of human factors and strengthen participants‘ abilities to effectively manage challenges in the dynamic and demanding aviation environment. By understanding these factors, better decisions can be made and aviation safety and efficiency can be further improved.

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Human Factors
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