Data protection for employees in aviation companies

The Data Protection for Employees in Aviation Companies seminar provides comprehensive training on handling sensitive information and personal data in the aviation industry. With increasing digitalization and data protection awareness, it is crucial that employees in aviation companies understand and comply with relevant data protection regulations to ensure customer privacy and data security.

The content of this seminar is diverse and covers several key areas:

Privacy basics
Attendees will receive an introduction to the basics of data protection, including definitions of personal data, processing, consent and other relevant terms.

Data protection laws and regulations
The seminar will cover the relevant data protection laws and regulations that apply in the aviation industry, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other national laws.

Rights of data subjects
Participants will learn about the rights that data subjects have under data protection regulations, such as the right to access, delete and correct their data.

Data security
The seminar covers the importance of data security and how employees can help protect data from unauthorized access, loss or misuse.

Data processing
Participants will learn how personal data can be processed lawfully and for a specific purpose and which principles must be observed.

Consent and the duty to inform
The seminar explains how consent must be obtained from data subjects and how the duty to inform can be fulfilled.

Data privacy in the work context
Participants learn how to implement data protection policies and procedures in the workplace, particularly when dealing with employee data.

Dealing with data privacy breaches
The seminar teaches how to respond to data privacy breaches, how to report them, and how to inform the affected individuals.

Case studies and practical examples
Case studies and practical examples from the aviation industry are used to illustrate real-life situations in which data protection plays a role.

Question and answer sessions and discussions
The seminar provides space for Q&A sessions and discussions to address individual concerns and challenges of the participants.

The seminar provides participants with the necessary knowledge to understand, respect and apply data protection regulations in their daily work. This helps to build customer trust, ensure data security, and operate the aviation industry in compliance with data protection laws.

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