BZF II – Limited valid radiotelephone certificate

The seminar BZF II – Limited Valid Radiotelephone Certificate provides participants with a comprehensive introduction to the required knowledge and skills in the field of radiotelephone communication in air traffic. This specialized seminar is designed for pilots and prospective pilots who wish to obtain a restricted voice radio certificate (BZF II) in order to communicate effectively in controlled airspace and at airports. The phrases and speech groups are intensively trained using the example of Düsseldorf Airport (EDDL) in groups of maximum 6 participants.

The contents of the seminar cover a wide range of topics:

Legal framework
Participants will gain insight into the legal rules and regulations governing radiotelephony communications in air traffic. This includes the jurisdiction of the various aeronautical radio services, communication obligations in different airspaces, and the importance of following procedures and protocols.

Aeronautical radios and technology
This seminar provides an understanding of how aircraft radios work, frequencies, emergency traffic frequencies and the use of voice radio channels. Participants will learn about the technology behind aviation communications and gain practical insight into the operation of the equipment.

Voice Radio Procedures
Prospective pilots learn basic radiotelephony procedures, including proper message format, entering airspace, communicating with air traffic controllers and air traffic controller assistants, and conducting airport approach and departure procedures.

Emergency communications
The seminar also covers emergency communications, including the use of emergency frequencies and communications in emergency situations. Participants will be prepared for situations where quick and accurate communication is critical.

Exercises and simulation practice
A hands-on approach allows participants to apply what they have learned through practical exercises and simulations.

Exam preparation
The seminar prepares participants for the BZF II theoretical exam by providing them with the necessary knowledge and familiarizing them with the exam questions and formats.

The seminar provides prospective pilots with a solid foundation for communicating safely and effectively in controlled airspace and at airports. Participants not only gain the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also have the opportunity to practice and perfect their practical communication skills. For 6 or more participants, the travel expenses of the examination board are included in accordance with the Federal Travel Expenses Act. The examination is conducted as an external examination by the Federal Network Agency for Telecommunications. For the exact scheduling, we will be guided by your requirements.


Course fees

Radiotelephone certificate BZF II
On request
  • maximum 6 participants
  • 3 days á 6 hours
  • Examination by the Federal Network Agency for Telecommunications
  • EASA Part 147 certified trainers

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