Aviation Legislation Part M

The Aviation Legislation Part M training provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the regulatory provisions and laws that guide the aircraft maintenance sector according to EASA Part M. This training is designed for aviation industry professionals, particularly those responsible for planning, organizing and performing maintenance and repair activities. The content of this training is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework associated with aircraft maintenance.

The content of the training includes:

Introduction to Part M.
A comprehensive overview of EASA Part M, including the various subparts and appendices. Participants will learn the basic principles, objectives and structures of this legal framework.

Organization and Responsibilities
The training highlights the responsibilities of organizations, airworthiness certificate holders and approved maintenance organizations under Part M. This includes the roles of management, aviation authorities, aircraft manufacturers and maintenance personnel.

Continuous Airworthiness
Attendees will gain insight into the concepts of continuous airworthiness and how they are integrated into Part M. This includes maintenance planning, monitoring airworthiness requirements, and implementing ADs (Airworthiness Directives) and SBs (Service Bulletins).

Airworthiness Documentation
This training provides an understanding of the importance of correct and up-to-date Part M airworthiness documentation. This includes the creation, retention, and availability of maintenance data.

Quality Control and Inspection
The training covers the quality control processes required by Part M, as well as the inspection and release of aircraft after maintenance.

Changes and Modifications
Attendees will learn the Part M procedures for approving changes and modifications to aircraft. This includes the airworthiness release and surveillance processes.

Audits and Surveillance
The course explains how Part M audits and surveillance are conducted to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Safety culture and compliance
Participants are trained to promote safety culture and ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the maintenance environment.

Overall, Aviation Legislation training in Part M provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements in the aircraft maintenance field. This enables professionals to work in compliance with laws and regulations while ensuring aircraft safety and airworthiness.

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Aviation Legislation Part M
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