Aviation Legislation Part 145

Aviation Legislation Part 145 training is critical for aviation industry professionals working in maintenance and repair operations. It provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements and standards that guide and impact the operation of Part 145 operations.

The content of the Aviation Legislation training in Part 145 includes:

Part 145 Introduction
Participants will receive a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Part 145, including the purposes, objectives, and scope of this regulation. They will understand how Part 145 operations are certified and the responsibilities involved.

Regulatory Framework
The training covers the various regulatory frameworks that apply to Part 145 operations. This includes international standards, national legislation and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations that govern aircraft operations, maintenance and repair.

Operational requirements
Participants will learn the specific requirements for organizing and operating Part 145 operations. This includes topics such as quality controls, documentation, surveillance, approval procedures, employee training, and safety management.

Maintenance processes and procedures
This course covers the technical aspects of Part 145 aircraft maintenance and repair. Participants will learn how to plan, perform, and document maintenance, repairs, inspections, and overhauls.

Quality controls and inspections
Participants will understand the importance of quality controls and testing in Part 145 operations. This includes evaluating aircraft maintenance processes, monitoring compliance with standards, and conducting safety audits.

Safety Management
This training highlights the role of the Safety Management System (SMS) in Part 145 operations. Participants will learn how to identify, assess, and minimize safety hazards to ensure the safety of flight operations.

Documentation and Records
The training explains how Part 145 operations must maintain the necessary documents and records to demonstrate compliance. This includes proper documentation of maintenance, inspections, and procedures.

Overall, this training provides comprehensive and in-depth preparation for the specific requirements and responsibilities associated with Part 145 aircraft maintenance and repair. The training ensures that aviation industry professionals are able to act in accordance with regulatory standards while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.


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Aviation Legislation Part 145
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